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Hangi Koçluk Hizmetine İhtiyaç Duyuyorsunuz?
Family Marriage Couples Consultant Prof Dr Ekrem Çulfa
How Coronavirus Affects Family-Marriage-Couple Relationships?

How Coronavirus Affects Family-Marriage-Couple Relationships?

Let us first be in solidarity and balanced calm with the family regarding coronavirus (Corona Virus, Latin: Orthocoronavirinae). In spite of everything, epidemics and bad events have been experienced throughout human history. After taking the necessary precautions, making the necessary arrangements, it is important to overcome this situation without compromising our life routine and to survive with the least damage.
There is a serious danger, like the Corona virus, that will affect our vital functions, yes. There are many measures we will take to protect ourselves from this situation. Of course, these measures are explained by the Ministry of Health, medical doctors and healthcare professionals. The point I want to touch on is the psychological dimension of the situation for family-marriage-couple relationships: Anxiety is necessary and must be motivated in order to sustain our lives. But what are the methods that will enable us to cope with our extreme fear, intense anxiety, the situation we are in? What can be done?… Let's deduce this process from being a threat to our mental and physical health.
Corona virus, Corona virus, Corona virus ... what will individuals, families, married, couples do to deal with?
1. As the frequency of words containing the same phrases you read increases, our anxiety size increases, increases, sometimes reaches out of reality, and even if we are not infected with Corona virus, that anxiety affects us deeper. Because it is a situation that we do not know much, we are not used to. So what more will we do?

2. Hand washing, dressing, avoiding being in social environments will of course affect the Corona virus, but we need to realize that we are doing an anxiety-increasing, but not reducing action. Because the precautions we take are Corona virus preventive measures. Therefore, we expect our anxiety to decrease.

3. Continuous exposure to Corona virus news such as social media, television, telephone messages, groups of friends… is also a dangerous situation. In fact, sometimes we leave our business and become connected only to the television and the phone. This is also a reality. Instead, it is appropriate to follow the agenda at intervals and take appropriate measures, and continuing our lives is another method that will reduce our anxiety.

4. There will be situations that trigger our anxiety. A truthless word, a movement, a behavior. It is useful in this process to stay away from anything that is not reality. The important thing here is to take all the precautions we will do, and the rest goes into a non-reality life event. Take your precaution is enough, the rest is an exaggeration and can drag you to fear and panic. Be careful…

5. The course of the situation may differ, intensify and frighten in persons with anxiety disorder, panic attacks, paranoia or hysterical personality traits. If the situation gets worse, please seek professional help from a "Clinical Psychologist".

6.… And now it's time for everyone to be much more discreet. Social recovery and consciousness, not individual, is the way to get rid of Corona virus.

Corona virus with the least damage ... Socially ... to many beautiful days that we can survive together in a healthy way ...

Stay with Health and Happiness…
Goodbye by keeping the hope of “We Will See Good Days” in your heart… Be good and be at peace with your loved ones…

You can call our professional support line for all kinds of stress, anxiety, worrying events 05447243650

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