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Disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and fires are limited in terms of time and space. They will end at a time and place. The damage they do lasts for a while. But the pandemic is excessive in time and space. Currently there is no in this neighborhood in this city; In time, there will be nowhere to see as a safe zone.
Unfortunately, the pandemic has no place and time. Most disasters affect a specific area, but the pandemic is not a hurricane, earthquake or wildfire. Disasters such as hurricanes, fires and earthquakes are limited in terms of time and space. They end somewhere and at a time. The damage they cause lasts. But the pandemic is excessive in time and space. Currently, this neighborhood does not exist in this city, tomorrow it will suddenly appear everywhere. There will be no place left to see as a safe zone. The inability to be sure that the places we know safe are safe (even unsafe) increases the intensity of emotions.
If we do not know where we are safe, we cannot know when we are safe. It pauses in the summer, you think it is over, it starts again. Normally, an event has a beginning and an end to a disaster, its boundaries are determined. However, outbreaks do not have smooth, regular and predictable boundaries; they come in waves, they rise and fall, and they make the period of healing and things getting better unknown and unpredictable.
To deal with this uncertainty and obscurity, we first seek a place for the pandemic in our minds. In a study conducted with a group of child psychiatrists from various countries (Andres Martin, personal correspondence), when physicians were asked for a selfie, most of the places where selfies were taken were empty and large areas. The longing for those who created the emptiness, stillness and emptiness with their absence, and the sadness of their absence are almost the emotion of the paintings.
While trying to keep up with the situation, we encounter changes or turmoil in our life rhythm. The personal and the professional are intertwined in terms of space and time, the distance from one room to another, or even the simplicity of getting up from one seat to the other, the roads of a few meters between spaces are quickly overcome. This situation, which squeezes the "work, home, school" trio into the same space at the same time, upset the time-space settings of our mind.
What emotions? For a few months we feel anger at things that we haven't done, regret for what we didn't do or what we could do otherwise, disappointment for what we expected to happen but didn't come true, sadness after what went and won't come, friends, the gratitude and warmth we feel when they don't leave us alone in our difficult times. This is not all.
But the place where those who seek the emotions of the pandemic can see the emotions of this period in the most intense and sharpest form are health institutions, people health workers. Like a battlefield: Loss of confidence due to being misled with false data, anger and frustration at the fact that their labor has been materialized for fake success stories, sadness due to the height of losses in society in a misguided society, morale trauma caused by the inability to know and apply the truth to those who have not been able to speak out to wrong practices, on the grounds of enmity to science. The astonishment, anger and mourning of being targeted at the violence of a society that has been provoked but also put at risk by those who personally provoke their health. When you bring all the healthcare professionals together, burnout, a deep despair that will make us intend to put an end to their profession and even life.
If you chose loneliness to be free, to do whatever you wish, and to remove others' existence from being a bond, you have become lonely and free. With the mandatory restrictions during the epidemic period, what will happen when freedom is gone and you are left alone? Let's put the terminological dilemma of loneliness or loneliness aside for now, but I think that the combination of solitude with social isolation, your inability to establish a relationship even if you want to anymore, and not finding people to relate to creates loneliness. Loneliness can gradually turn into a situation that impairs mental health. It must be because not being able to connect with others requires staying on our own, making it a choice.
Uncertainty. The threat of a virus that people cannot fully see and do not know how to function triggers the feeling of uncertainty. Fear of the unknown is one of the main fears, such as fears and anxieties about security. Alertness. A feeling of "alertness" may occur in a society, family, and the world that has gone through a long-lasting, uncertain stress situation. The vigilance is the feeling that something will happen at any moment, something will change at any moment, this isn't going to be very good. It is to have the feeling that nothing is permanent and what we have can be lost.
While this situation keeps us on the alert against any threat that may arise at any moment, it also increases and spreads our concerns. It usually occurs in the form of tension. Tension may differ in children by age and gender. For example, while boys aged 8-9 show behaviors in the form of outbursts, those aged 12-13 begin to bully when they find it disturbing because they are weak or different. After the age of thirteen and fourteen, children generally take a more solidarity and appreciation of each other in situations of such prolonged traumatic stress.
Loss and grief
The majority of those who experience loss and mourning are among the youth. Apart from losing their relatives, they also have other losses. While he had achieved a certain degree of independence starting from the age of 14, it caused a great feeling of loss, especially for those who had to go to another city or school dormitory and return home. They lost their friendship, sense of hiding or separation from the family that was really important to them. In addition to not being able to go to school, many of them have not been able to celebrate important days such as graduation ceremonies and balls that will always be remembered. Although adults think that they have more time to experience these kinds of things in front of young people, each of these excitements, joys and shares that they cannot experience is a loss for them. Those who are aware of disturbing emotions can share their sadness and anger with others. Those who cannot name the feelings they experience express this with exuberance, self-destructive actions, and may lead to other losses. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to manage this situation in a balanced way by allowing them to share their feelings without underestimating the losses of their children.
Deprivation of one's freedom, inability to do what he wants to do leads to a feeling of frustration. The obstacles created by the pandemic in our lives can make us react more aggressively than usual. This can disrupt social relationships that are already limited. Anxiety. The most common emotion experienced during pandemics is anxiety about one's own health or the health of their relatives. Although anxiety is a subjectively negative internal experience when it is mild, it is useful and functional because it will cause the person to stay away from dangers, to be cautious and to comply with the precautions. If your mood is unbalanced during the CoronaVirus process, you should definitely get Professional Assistance, you can contact us on 05447243650.
These days will pass and the Coronavirus Pandemic will also end one day. Most of us will continue to stand and survive. I pray to those who passed away, Sabr-ı Cemil to their relatives.
Get well soon for everyone ....

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