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How Can We Protect Our Psychology During the Epidemic and Coronavirus Process?
How Can We Protect Our Psychology During the Epidemic and Coronavirus Process?

Since it is essential to protect and keep our psychology intact from the epidemic and corona virus process, be sure to read this article, where I offer suggestions with psychological support and counseling.

How Will We Overcome the Environment of Uncertainty and Fear Caused by the Pandemic?

One of the most common warnings in the epidemic is that we should stay isolated from the crowd. So, how does this isolation process affect us and our society?
Isolation process; It can mean working from home, working remotely, online education, postponing travel plans or reducing activities with the immediate environment. It may not be possible for every individual to apply all of these.

Uncertainty and adaptation during the epidemic process like corona virus can be stressful and painful for most people. In this context, while individuals express the importance of mental health more than before the pandemic, they even state that it is a mistake to avoid psychological support. So, what can we do to protect our psychology during the pandemic period?

Does Our Mind Have the Power to Normalize Even Difficult Events?

Our first point of support in protecting our mental health is our mind. Each of us, who did not live a "routine" or continuous "chaotic" life when the epidemic started, achieved mental harmony more easily. Interestingly, we are less afraid than in the first weeks, even when the threat is greater. One of the factors here is our mind that ensures normalization. Therefore, it is essential for our mind to be flexible and stable in order to protect our psychology during this period.

How Does “Right” Knowledge Contribute to Human Psychology?

Based on this feature of our mind, we can say that individuals are more concerned when they cannot make sense of new facts and situations. In this respect, it may be an option to follow the right news sources to understand the risks and take action. Therefore, you can get accurate information from WHO or the Ministry of Health websites. It may be critical to act cautiously in the face of what is shared here as social media content and experiences regarding the coronavirus process in order to prevent contamination of our minds. Also, it may be healthier to receive information at specific times; Being constantly monitored can mean exposure to negative or scary news and stress. You should avoid putting too many negative elements in your mind while trying to keep your information up to date.

What Are The Sample Activities That Increase Our Psychological Resilience?

In this process, activities and hobbies that we cannot spare time such as meditation, yoga or reading books and that can improve our minds can provide great benefits. Cooking new food is another hobby that can be tried in terms of creativity, mind development and feeling good. Going for a walk on the beach, forest or tracks is one of the important activities that keep your body vigorous and feel more energetic.
In situations where you stay at home, it is difficult to act as if you take it outside; However, paying attention to your self-care at home will improve your self-esteem and related mood. Remember that insulation is physical only. The reflection of distance on your emotions and communication is not very positive for your psychological health. You should not be afraid to express your feelings and share them with your close circle, even in a virtual environment. Playing online or physical games with your family will allow you to have fun and get away from stress. You can try out various board or card games for this.

How Is Awareness Raised About Psychological Problems?

Every individual experiences this difficult process that shook our country as well as the whole world according to their own life dynamics. While some have employment problems due to the impact of their jobs, others work harder. Some people may have to take care of their family while dealing with difficulties in home education.
Since the mental structure of each individual is special, they can react differently to the same situation or phenomena. For example, emotional eating disorders occur in some places during the pandemic, while others may suffer from disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, sleep problems or OCD.
The disturbances of individuals before the pandemic are another factor that shapes this diversity. For example, because they think that taking precautions and following hygiene rules will prevent coronavirus in this process, they can control their anxiety levels by gaining these habits. However, in individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorder or panic attack, this may even have an adverse effect. The risk that the disease will infect them, even if there is a small possibility, is a factor that triggers their attacks. The important thing here is to know that all these feelings and ailments are for people and to accept that getting psychological counseling is not a shame or deficiency.

What is the Importance of Psychological Support in the Pandemic Process?

Preservation of mental health primarily affects the decision-making mechanism of the individual regarding work, family and social life. However, mental health is a multidimensional issue. While physical resilience improves our mental health, psychological resilience also affects our physical well-being. While your blood pressure increases with stress, your immune system becomes sensitive and you can become more vulnerable to diseases. In this sense, it is important that the human body is in balance both psychologically and physically. The effects of depression or being stressed cannot be limited to spiritual concepts alone.
Considering that psychological support is holistic, it is important that people stretch the support process from every angle with professional help from an expert. Of course, the important thing here is to reach the right expert clinical psychologist in the search for an expert clinical psychologist. When we asked how we can protect our psychology during the pandemic process, Expert Clinical Psychologist Tuba Koldağ shared the following: “As you mentioned, reading books, new hobbies, online education and activities, being able to spend time alone… all very important activities. Even taking care of a plant can make you look and hold on to life differently. However, we definitely remind individuals who experience this process with problems such as OCD, general anxiety disorder, panic attack, and incompatibility of psychological support. If people research the experts they receive support in this process, the first psychologist experiences and the support process in general will be more successful. That's why we, as Mylife Psychological Counseling and Psychological Support Center, provide a professional interview service in planning the first Psychologist appointment. Our clients can reach us at any time by calling 05447243650.

In these days, when we entered a new year, what has happened in the past years has been painful. Of course, the effects continue, but how can a driver who constantly looks in the rearview mirror crash quickly. Save yourself from the garbage of the past and focus on your magnificent future.

Remember, this life is ours. If we pay the bill, we will enjoy it, right? We continue to live with joy, right?

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