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According to studies, moderate well-being has many positive effects on psychological well-being. It both makes the person happy and adds meaning to his life. It even has an antidepressant effect on the person. It makes the person feel good in a measured way. Therefore, we need to make measured goodness a mental goal. We should aim random and measured goodness in our lives, we should raise young people who consider social measured good ...

Doing good deeds makes you happy

The concept of well-being is currently a newly discovered concept by psychologists, pedagogues, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychology professionals and mental health professionals. The concept of goodness was forgotten, abandoned. It is almost reinvented. There is a lot of work and research on well-being. In fact, it has been seen that doing moderate good deeds is good for people. How does it feel good? Goodness not only makes the other person happy, but also the person himself. It has a reducing effect on fear, anxiety, depression and anxiety. When he does good, his self-esteem increases. In researches, when a person helps someone else, a happiness hormone is released by empathy in his brain.

Doing good has an antidepressant effect

Unfortunately, there is not enough increase in the level of psychological well-being and spiritual well-being against the increasing depression and anxiety in the world. The opposite is getting worse. Scientific research, especially in order to determine the causes of the problem against increasing depression cases, revealed the following result: In order for people to be happy, others must be happy. Doing good has an antidepressant effect. True, we can easily say that. They define this age as the age of insecurity. That level of insecurity increased, loneliness increased. When he goes home he is afraid of turning his back on his wife, can he hurt me? Will I see any harm from my offspring? Anxiety like people can make life uninhabitable. As a solution to this, when you do a measured kindness, you call the other party "I am your friend". You say, "No harm comes to you from me." You say "if you have negative thoughts about me, forgive." You can't say these directly. This will be a random, quiet measured goodness. Talking good things behind him will say when he gets to the ear of the person Look, I was not thinking well about him, but he said good things about me. What a bad person I was. "How did I do that?" For him, when the measured kindness is generous, one unwittingly turns to himself as gain.

When someone does a good deed, everyone wins

Doing good in the capital system increases the operating cost. Now there is a modernism that says do not help, do not give charity, do not do good. This is the doctrine of the capital system. The wrong consequences of this teaching have come out because when one does a favor, everyone actually wins. That person seems to be losing, giving something, but it is not. Sister Terasa has a famous saying. They ask "How can the world be lived?" And he replies, "By doing one-on-one kindness". He summed it up so beautifully. This is now accepted as a universal truth. It has made it a culture to do one-on-one kindness.
But let's do good random, quiet and measured
Doing good is a culture in Anatolia. But this culture is dulling and leaving now. Now this great plane tree has begun to dry, we need to revive it. We shouldn't do good only at certain times. While doing good, let's do random, silent and measured kindness. Without waiting for a benefit, not showing off. One should not even expect applause and praise. These favors are much more effective. Better to do moderate goodness than to never do good, to always tell me to me.

We should raise young people who think about social measured good.

At the same time, we need to raise young people and children who are not only self-minded but also socially mindful. In this case, what we need is a young generation who think, "What can I do for the benefit of people and for the happiness of people?" Let's not raise a young man who always dreams for himself. Let it dream for the homeland, dream for the future, dream about doing something to others. Let people dream about what kind of imprint it will leave when it comes to the end of life. In such cases, it is all to do moderate goodness. Intention is important for this.

Doing good should be a mental goal

One should make moderate goodness a mental goal. One has to think "I will say yes to measured goodness in my life, I will say no to bad deeds" and make this a mental target. The conclusion we draw is that destiny wants us to be a measured goodness machine. Do good, throw into the sea. God knows, sees. It appears in front of the person in a way with the measured kindness. It doesn't go to waste. So these are also for the benefit of the person. There are many things in human life, but balanced goodness adds meaning to life. A teacher told me. He had a friend who did not believe in religious values and spiritual values. ‘I saw that he gives scholarships to a few people. You were a person who despised spirituality, why are you doing this? "He asked.

His friend said, "When that child is happy, I am happy too." This is a social benefit. It is a social investment. This is in our dough, but the dough is about to spoil.
Smiling is also a measured kindness in our culture and is accepted as charity. Let's not avoid smiling human relations. A loving look, a smile, let's say a few nice words, let's not spare them in close relationships. Social distance, but not psychological distance.
Random and balanced goodness adds meaning to life

One should start out as to what good I will do today. Random favors breed goodness that we cannot predict. That's why it adds meaning to our lives and makes our relationships beautiful. It corrects wrong perceptions. In our culture, there is usually a misconception: Especially men think, "If I laugh, I cannot gain authority". However, authority is not possible with sullen face, but by living principled and keeping his word. You need a horizontal relationship with your child. You should be able to speak with him in moderation, the good, the right, the wrong. Directly imperious relationships that do not speak at all create a sense of "My mother and father do not love me" in the child and youth. For this, all of these are measured good deeds. Goodness does not necessarily mean receiving a material gift.
There is an increase in violence, suicide, and divorce in the society. All this is an alarm. As a solution, it is necessary to teach moderate kindness as an ego ideal to young people and children and this should be placed in society. In people who think positively, the body becomes healthier at an advanced age. They live eight and a half years longer. Health problems are less common.
Doing good from our culture needs to be made more widespread. In our society, there is a grocery store especially during Ramadan. The debt of one of his book on credit is paid off and that person does not know who helped. Likewise, the practice of "hanging bread" is a new accepted practice. All of these are our values that need to be revived. So moderate goodness is good for people. Goodness makes people happy and adds meaning to life. It increases our self-esteem. It makes the person feel good. We need to make this a philosophy of life. If you feel like your good feelings are dead or you see bad deeds mostly, call +90 544 724 3650 for professional help. If this happens, nothing bad will remain in the world. I wish we could do this on a global scale. Selfishness is the worst enemy of measured goodness.

As a result, he sees good, balanced and righteous deeds. The Decision Is Yours?

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